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Stand By MePerformed by Adam McGuinn


"On meeting you, you made me feel welcome and your passion for teaching music was evident.  Although I felt like a complete novice after such a long break in playing, you instilled confidence in me by the way in which you encouraged me and asked me questions about what I already knew and styles/artists I was interested in. From that point you have tailored all my sessions, creating a great balance between learning the basics, theory and practice."

"No two sessions are the same, which has helped to keep me engaged in the lessons. You always seem to find a way to check understanding and revisit content as well to aid the learning process (even when my brain isn’t really working that day!)"

"You seem to have a wealth of knowledge across all music genres and you are open to sharing your knowledge, experience and techniques without hampering individual style and approach. You are good at gently encouraging as well as highlighting techniques that need some adjustment without it feeling or sounding too critical, which works for me"

"Your enthusiasm and energy has reignited my passion for playing guitar and continually improving on my skills."



"It has been a pleasure to be taught by you and I look forward to continuing to work with you to become a guitar pro just like you! Then you need to watch out as I might decide to become a music teacher… ;) haha."

"Very knowledgeable on the subject of Music in general Extremely accomplished guitar player. Adam is very good at understanding the needs and ambitions of students and able to prepare and present lessons in a professional and also interesting way."

"I tried to learn to play the guitar in the past and had some guitar lessons many years ago without very much success. After deciding to either learn to play my guitar properly or sell it, I booked a trial lesson with Adam and as the saying goes the rest is history."

"Adam has been teaching me guitar for the last 9 months, Adams approach is very professional his lessons are always fun, creative, constructive and informative, I feel relaxed and comfortable during the lesson which I believe has helped with learning. Adam’s passion for music and teaching really shows through and along with his subject knowledge this makes the lessons all the more enjoyable."

"Adam let’s you progress at your own pace but always pushes and challenges you. Thanks to Adam I’m now able to enjoy playing my guitar at home and look forward to my weekly lessons. Whether you want to learn to play your guitar for your own enjoyment or take a more formal route with exams and learn to read music, I cannot recommend him highly enough-Thanks Adam."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my ukulele lessons with Adam.  I loved how he used popular music as a means of learning new chords, progressions and playing styles.  Adam always made the lessons fun and educational, while his professionalism inspired confidence in his abilities, not to mention all the progress I made in a short amount of time!"

"Adam has been teaching my seven year old son the guitar for the past few months. Adam is really patient and pitches his teaching and approach at just the right level for Noah who thoroughly enjoys his lessons and looks forward to Saturday mornings. Noah states that Adam always hits the right notes, keeps in time and is cool!"

"Adam always takes the time to explain to me how my son has progressed and what he needs to practice for the next lesson."

"Adam presents as a musically talented, professional, yet easy-going person who communicates well with people of all ages."