Terms of bUSINESS

By working with Guitar With Adam you are agreeing and entering into the terms and conditions below.



Order Process: In order to fulfil your order as accurately as possible, you will have completed an order form establishing all of the necessary elements needed for your custom track. 


Delivery: Upon completion of your track, you will be sent a digital file to your email address. This can be sent as a WAV or MP3 file. Please state in the order form whether there will be any special requirements when receiving the track, or it needs to be sent in a different format from that detailed above. 


Payment: Payment terms are 7 business days from the point of receiving your invoice. All payments are to be made via bank transfer to the bank account details provided on the invoice. 


Revisions: All of my tracks are produced and handled with highest of care, attention to detail and due diligence. Any revision(s) that are required by the client must not contradict any information submitted in the initial order form and must be communicated with as much musical clarity as possible. These tracks are not carbon copies but are true and accurate representations of the brief given to me.


Usage of the tracks: These tracks are to be used by the client only. Any performance laws surrounding usage of these tracks in a live venue need to be adhered to by the client and not Guitar With Adam. I do reserve the right to use any custom tracks on my website or any other platform for marketing purposes. 


Refusal to accept the order: Once the order is finalised and any revision(s) are made, the client will have a three-day period to submit any complaints. All complaints and/or concerns over the final tracks will be dealt with by myself on a case-by-case basis. All tracks produced by me undergo a rigorous quality assurance process.