Terms of bUSINESS

By choosing to work with Guitar With Adam you are automatically agreeing to the outlined terms of business:

Terms and Conditions 

1. Fees:
Lesson fees should be paid directly to your teacher by cash, direct debit or cheque only. All fees must be paid in advance. Fees are subject to annual review. 

2. Missed Lessons:
Any lesson missed by the student shall be paid and charged at the current rate, unless otherwise agreed by the teacher. If the teacher is unavailable for a scheduled lesson for any reason the lesson will be carried forward to the next block. The teacher reserves the right to reschedule a student’s session for professional and personal reasons at any point during the agreement. 

3. Termination of agreement:
A decision to terminate the agreement may be taken by either party by giving a period of written notice as stated in the Private Music Lessons Teaching Agreement. If the student discontinues lessons with insufficient notice the student/parent/guardian will be liable to pay fees for the lessons not taken during the notice period. A total of four weeks notice needs to be given in order for the teacher to advertise and reallocate your space.

4. Cancellations:
Lessons that are cancelled will incur full charge at the current lesson rate. It is at Adam's discretion whether he is able to reschedule and/or move a cancelled session. Remember that you are paying for Adam's time and expertise, please be respectful of this point. 

5. Holidays:

We run the same academic year as North Yorkshire County Council’s school year. The timetable can be found online or provided by Adam upon request. Any holidays taken during term time will be charged the normal rate. 


6. General:
a. Students/parents/guardians agree to pay for any breakages caused by the mistreatment of equipment.
b. Exam entries can be made by the student/parent/guardian or teacher when needed.
c. Students/parents/guardians should make the teacher aware of any medical or other condition that may impair the students well being whilst in the studio.
d. Guitar with Adam is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings whilst in the studio. However, we will always endeavour to resolve any issues that may arise.

7. Data Protection:

Guitar with Adam will occasionally take still photographs and/or video recordings of students in rehearsals or concerts for archive purposes, teacher training and inclusion in brochures and publicity material. 


NOTE: Whilst Guitar With Adam will always endeavour to ensure his students make satisfactory progress, this can only be achieved by regular, constructive and careful practice by the student. Success on a musical instrument can only be achieved by following this course.