A little bit about me...

Take It To The LimitPerformed by Adam McGuinn

My love for guitar started as far back as i can remember, to the days when i used to wave my hands up and down in an attempt recreate a 'strum' like motion that all the guitar gods I'd seen on TV were doing. Some of my earliest memories are of me sitting in the back of the car trying to master the air-guitar while listening along to my Dad's Bob Dylan and Van Morrison records. 

I remember idolising over my older sister's 1/2 sized acoustic guitar that she'd picked up at a car boot sale, and then allowed it to gather dust from the bottom of her bed.

Daringly, I would sneak into her room whenever she wasn't around to pick up this glorious looking instrument and strum my little heart out- It felt great. 

So after a period of me perfecting the necessary 'rockstar' poses in-front of the mirror,  Mum and Dad probably thought I should learn how to play and got me some guitar lessons. Of course, as a 10-12 year old I knew I was basically a guitar-hero already, and not for one moment did I think this instrument required me to actually sit down and practice and dare i say it requires...PATIENCE!!  

The defining moment in my young musical career was when i passed my first guitar exam. I'm sure it brought my family and certainly my guitar teacher to the brink of insanity to get me through the exam, but I can still remember the rush I got when i received my grade 1 certificate. It's that same feeling of accomplishment that pushed me to keep going through the challenges that come with learning an instrument and enabled me to complete my grade 8 and attain my degree in music.


It's really something to say that all these years later I still get that same rush of invincibility whenever I pick up and play a guitar. A feeling that i'm still reminded of whenever i see a student's face light up and share that same feeling with me. That's the brilliance of learning an instrument.

Hopefully you have a better idea of who I am and why I teach music. So if you're intersted in starting your very own musical journey, feel free to get in touch.

Hope to see you soon,