Factors governing the costs of custom backing tracks are generally Studio Time and Musician Fees. 


We offer great added value to our clients by including Guitars, Bass, Drums, Basic Keyboards and Backing Vocals in our studio time costs. 


Additional Instruments which require Session Players — for example, Horns, Lead Vocals, and other specialised instruments — would be charged on a quotation basis, based on the costs of the individual musicians' costs. 


It's also worth noting that custom made tracks can only be sold once as they are for exclusive use of the artists using them. Our tracks are unique and can't be compared to cheap backing tracks available online because the companies that create those tracks recoup their investment by selling the same track multiple times over. 


As each song and musical composition is radically different, we need to explore the following parameters in detail before we can give a more accurate estimate of recording costs.  


1. The length of the track

2. Instrumentation required

3. Complexity of material

Nevertheless, here's a rough guide to give you a general idea of how it works.

Custom Backing Track 

To produce, engineer and record Guitars, Bass Drums and Keyboard for a 3-4 minute track will be somewhere in the region of £150 - 250

Mixdown and Mastering 

To Mix a 3-4 minute track will be around £100 - £150

Studio Time

To use the studio to record session musicians is £55 per hour. 


To add Guitar, Bass, Drums, Strings, Horns and Keyboard overdubs will be approx £50 - 75 per track. 

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