The story of how guitar with adam nearly never happened...

A rock god or a fireman?


Life as a professional musician didn't start as glamorously as first hoped when a five year old Guitar With Adam romanticised over his guitar heroes from his Dad's album covers, contemplating whether or not to become a rock god or a seemed so simple! 


Skip a few years, dodgy haircuts and angsty teenage bands later, Guitar With Adam is now stood wearing a cap and gown in the middle of Hull with a degree in Jazz and Popular Music in one hand and the other hand furiously searching in his pocket for loose change to buy new guitar strings.


No recording contract, no world tour and no penthouse in Miami...this wasn't in the plan! 


I thought being a musician was supposed to be easy! 

So, reality bites and the realisation dawns on you that you can't bay for goods with thank you notes, even if you draw a funny smiley face on them. I had to make a life-defining decision to walk away from my dream of becoming a rock god and get a real job. I spent the following three years working in sales and recruitment, which, as i learned, had nothing to do with being a professional musician.

Although this period was incredibly difficult for me and i was frequently reminded by the same album covers that a five year old Guitar With Adam idolised over, i was seemingly no closer to my dream of being a professional musician...or fireman. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I am a firm believer that as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will get to where you want to go. While i was working in a field that had nothing to do with music and being told that music was just a "hobby"... I never gave up. 


I spent every hour away from the office writing, recording, practicing and gigging the pub circuit most weekends. In fact, i spent my first pay-check on buying my first recording gear, so that i could develop my production skills. During the three years i spent doing the 9-5 rat race, i released my first album "Covering Our Tracks", which i wrote, recorded and produced while living in my mum and dad's house. Not quite recording contract, not quite a world tour and not quite Miami. I'm starting to understand the value of making your own luck in this fearsome industry. 

Local Newspaper.


A simple advert in my local newspaper looking for music teachers to teach guitar for a couple of hours on a weekend. Even though it was just a few hours worth of work, i knew this was the sort of opportunity that you can either grab with both hands or reminisce about on your rocking chair 50 years down the line, "you know, I could have a been a professional musician...". I was so committed to making the most of this opportunity that i quit my full-time job, but i wasn't going to stand around wondering any longer...

Guitar With Adam was born...

Thankfully, the risk has paid off and i have managed to build up a reputation as a decent guitarist. In some kind of poetic way, i learned a lot from my time where i was at my lowest; a strong work ethic, building strong relationships with clients and how to effectively market an idea. 


I am very proud to know that i have built my business from scratch and never gave up on my dream of being a full-time music producer and music teacher. It took me this time to realise that i didn't need a recording contract, a world tour or a penthouse in Miami...probably.

Hopefully you enjoyed learning the history of Guitar With Adam and that you can relate to my on-going journey trying to break into the music industry. 



Adam 🎸