Adam McGuinn


I'm Adam, thanks for taking a look at my website.


I have over 18 years experience in studying guitar and music theory. Having taught for the last 6 years,  I have also successfully completed the acclaimed RSL grade eight in my area of study (guitar), a member of the Registry of Guitar Teachers and hold a full and current DBS certificate.


I feel that it is vital that I keep myself as diverse and flexible as i can- almost like a musical camelion! This is why I really enjoy teaching music, beacause it regularly challenges me to deliver material in an interactive and understandable way that is specific to the needs an individual student...everybody learns differently!


Outside of teaching, I write and produce music. You can check more out through http://www.mainstreetmusicproduction.co.uk


I regularly perform at various live events around Yorkshire, sometimes my students come to cheer me on or even get on stage with me for a number or two!


Thanks again for taking the time to look at my website, It would be great to learn more about you so please drop me an email or phonecall where i welcome any questions you may have.




Live, Love, Learn Guitar!